Episode 3 Bye, Bye Bobby…

Hey look Alli is back and she is everyone’s favorite. Bobby Jindal is quitting the Presidential race so we stoop so low as to do a “Breaking News” sound effect. But it’s okay because Alli sings a song.  It’s not Bobby’s time. When was Bobby’s time anyway? Get ready for the Bobby Jindal Legacy Mystery Tour. We try to figure out what went wrong with Bobby and decide it’s because he’s a nerd but not in a fun way.  Also he is phony and just generally not good.

Oh but uh oh now we have to go get a new governor. Can John Bel Edwards win and how badly will he suck?  Is David Vitter a “dork” or an “asshole”?  Alli officially endorses John Bel.  Syrian refugees sort of become a campaign issue. NOLA.com runs a Q&A on the topic.

Jeff promised to put more refugee links in the show notes. Here are two.

Juan Cole: Paris terrorist attacks: Can France avoid trap of fear and exclusion?

Lydia Wilson: What I Discovered From Interviewing Imprisoned ISIS Fighters

A very shouty debate happened this week.  How many “goofy” governors have there been? David Vitter wants us to ride around in purple party buses or something.

Some… um… experimental bumper music happens.

In sports, we… well we had to do a second take because the first time we left the reverb on.  Alli really wants to talk about Notre Dame but we have trouble getting excited about that. Otherwise, we’re very sad about the Saints. We’re sad about Rob Ryan. There are sad ways to watch sad football such as from airplanes and The Orient.  We’re sad about many things because sports are sad nowadays.

Sean Payton trolled the press because Larry Holder wrote this and Nick Underhill wrote this.  Saints defensive coordinators are ritually fattened and harvested. Sean Payton is a dick and Rob Ryan is a great man who will be missed.  We rank New Orleans sports mascots.

New segment! “Are you not entertained?”  Varg sees Pucifer at the Saenger, Neid Degrasse Tyson also at the Saenger, and James McMurtry at One Eyed Jack’s.  Alli tours the various subway systems of Japan and Singapore.  Jeff visits the emergency room.

The Recipe Minute is back and longer than ever. The Jivewire also is back.

This was a good show. Thanks for downloading and listening.

We hunkered down again!

Episode 2.75: Official Endorsements

Yet another “Freebird rules” episode while Alli is away conducting serious international diplomacy.   This week we power through a bit about the Governor’s race.  What did Jay Dardenne get for endorsing JBE? Inspired, Varg goes ahead and endorses several politicians in hopes of one day receiving favors. Meanwhile, we try out our Kaare Johnson impressions for some reason.

In sports, are the Saints forked? Is Basketball Season already over? Does anybody remember Lynell Hamilton?  Defensive coordinators are the nation’s clowns.  Brad Wing has done things. The Tennesee Titans may or may not be like David Vitter in certain ways. Also Kai Forbath kind of looks like this one guy.


Varg promises to write a poem called “Redemption of Snead”

Finally, Twitter changed a thing and a bunch of people freaked out about that.  This leads to an extended esoteric discussion of what the internet is even for.  (Either it’s about reading the news or it’s about learning who pooped.)  We wisely refrain from reading tweets on the air.

Next week, we’re pretty sure Alli will be back. Thanks for Hunkering.
We hunkered down again!

Episode 2.5: Fix Our Treats!

  • More freebird rules

  • Alli is drunk somewhere

  • WTF is Halloween?

  • Waves of twitter hate

  • Solicit offerings?

  • All about your base are belong to us

  • Fix my Treats!

  • Only in Nola!

  • Yes, Jules Bentley

  • See “Don’t be a ghost on Halloween” and “Farewell to the Flesh: Notes on a Cybernetic Carnival
  • Attack of the Planet class!

  • Is Pants a snob?


  • Louisiana deserves better / to be entertained.

  • Elections are boring

  • Free / C. Ray Nagin

  • Vitter ran. Weed or SuperPac?

  • Vitter is a pussy. So says JBE

  • What is a klatch?

  • Bad ninja filming

  • Newell Norman can intimidate you

  • Tracking the Noligarchs (Noligarchs Map)

  • Cummings are coming

  • Vitty ain’t no outsider

  • Pants/Mr. Smith talks about government

  • See The Advocate on John Bel’s vs Vitter’s Education policy
  • Fuck parking meters

  • See NOLA.com letters to the editor from Les Colonello and Nick Detrich
  • Chaos makes money

  • Saints defense is doing what it is supposed to do.

  • Stephone Anthony is doing what he is supposed to do

  • Deurty Boys is open! All is good!

  • Satire and tomfoolery is good!

We hunkered down again!

Episode 2: Suprisingly Wonky

This week we take the show on the road.  If you sponsor our podcast we will air all your dirty laundry.  We get into a serious thing about the Governor’s race and the minimum wage.  In sports, a weekend of college football where all the good guys won.. except Florida if you are Varg. Also don’t bring your cat to a football game. Finally, the mayor wants to jack up the price of parking in the Quarter.  All this plus a new Recipe Minute. And  the Jivewire is back, too. Listen and share with your friends!

We hunkered down again!

Hunker Downcast Episode 1.5 (Freebird rules)

Episode 1.5

– Subtext of misogyny in Back to the Future movies

– Mary Steenburgen is hot

– Streaks should stay

– Fuck Boston
– “Freebird rules”
– Schmaltzy Jeff likes to vote

–  WTF is an AltWeekly?

– An AltWeekly in New Orleans is Clancy
– Dardenne is a safe, even handed, non boat rocker

– Jeff reads an editorial with melodrama

– Jindal is Stannis

– Gambit is chickenshit

– Oh, there was a Democrat debate
– Jeff wont finish his list

– Drug testing welfare recipients isn’t conservative
– F.L.A.

– Dardenne is a dick

– Jeff is so drunk

– More endorsements stuff

– Who writes this Times – Picayune shit?

– Vitter is an asshole

– Everything the Times-Pic says is bullshit

– Gambit is a pleaser

– A Langston Hughes poem

– Who is the optimist here?

We hunkered down again!

Episode 0001: We Tried

Well, here it is. You all hunkered for so long and here is your reward: an amateur podcast brought to you by Jeff, Alli, and Lance. We talked about bogus love letters to New Orleans, sea level rise, where Sean Payton is headed next, Steve Spurrier and the upcoming LSU-Florida game, and we closed with Recipe Minute and the Jive Wire (patents pending). Oh, and there was a Battlestar Galactica joke in there somewhere. Thanks for listening and share with your friends!
We hunkered down again!

Coming Soon

Some people said there were too many podcasts in this crazy, mixed-up world. Well, those people were wrong. Three people who like hanging out with each other at bars and on twitter decided that they wanted other people to be able to hear their conversations while driving to work. Hence, this podcast.

We live in New Orleans, and so we are often asked to “hunker down.” Whether a storm is coming or whether the Saints defense has run out of converted cornerbacks to start at safety, sometimes you just need to hunker down and ride it out.

We like sports and internet and PARTYing and art and political drama and being kind. Stick with us and let’s have some fun.