Episode 2.5: Fix Our Treats!

  • More freebird rules

  • Alli is drunk somewhere

  • WTF is Halloween?

  • Waves of twitter hate

  • Solicit offerings?

  • All about your base are belong to us

  • Fix my Treats!

  • Only in Nola!

  • Yes, Jules Bentley

  • See “Don’t be a ghost on Halloween” and “Farewell to the Flesh: Notes on a Cybernetic Carnival
  • Attack of the Planet class!

  • Is Pants a snob?


  • Louisiana deserves better / to be entertained.

  • Elections are boring

  • Free / C. Ray Nagin

  • Vitter ran. Weed or SuperPac?

  • Vitter is a pussy. So says JBE

  • What is a klatch?

  • Bad ninja filming

  • Newell Norman can intimidate you

  • Tracking the Noligarchs (Noligarchs Map)

  • Cummings are coming

  • Vitty ain’t no outsider

  • Pants/Mr. Smith talks about government

  • See The Advocate on John Bel’s vs Vitter’s Education policy
  • Fuck parking meters

  • See NOLA.com letters to the editor from Les Colonello and Nick Detrich
  • Chaos makes money

  • Saints defense is doing what it is supposed to do.

  • Stephone Anthony is doing what he is supposed to do

  • Deurty Boys is open! All is good!

  • Satire and tomfoolery is good!

We hunkered down again!

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