We Know Nothing About This Show: GoT quick recap

Lance and Jeff watch Game of Thrones for whatever reason. Probably because there’s little else to do this time of year in the dead of the New Orleans summer. So Lance thought it would be a good idea to record a quick 10 minute recap of the Season 7 premiere. If it goes over well enough we might do more of these.

We hunkered down again!

Episode 35: Beet the clock

And now for something completely different. Really. We thought we’d change the format up a bit this time in order to 1) get the show down under an hour for once in our goddamn lives and 2).. Uh that’s about it.

Anyway, instead of the usual bits this time we just go around the table throwing out topics which we can only discuss for exactly two minutes or else Pat comes and hits us with an electrified pole he found somewhere in the French Quarter.  Since we surprised each other with the topics, we’ll let you discover by listening. Although.. here are a few news items referenced in discussion which may provide some hints.

NOLA.com: Have you seen a streetcar get into an accident?

Advocate: “Beet-red angry man” pulling out gun

NOLA.com: New Orleans road work could raise lead levels, officials warn

WWLTV: Torres “still processing” mayoral campaign

NOLA.com: Kristin Palmer to challenge Nadine Ramsey for New Orleans City Council

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We hunkered down again!

Episode 34: The State Of Our City Is Woke plus Wheel Of Mayors

Happy Birthday, America, and also to anyone else whose birthday it might be soon. We’ll save you a bowl of mammoth ramen or whatever.  We are releasing this episode during the holiday because unlike those who might be #ClosedForEssence, we are in fact woke as.. well, at least as woke as  as Wal Mart. We’ll never be quite as woke as Mitch Landrieu, though. At least that’s what his major award says.


Hour One: State Of The City

In anticipation of the mayor’s twice postponed State Of The City address, we pull together a quick discussion of themes we expect he will touch on.

In crime, Lee Zurik pulls the invoices on a private security firm Mitch hired, John Georges’s friend had a column in John Georges’s paper for some reason. Also Mitch may or may not actually care about crime but this does not mean he isn’t woke about it.

In resilience, it turns out the city and environs are sinking 50% faster than last predicted. Maintaining a proper state of wokeness about this problem strains one’s capacity for cognitive dissonance.

In housing,  Airbnb is already violating their agreement. Also, in other cities, such as Barcelona, they know how to play hardball.  But, The New Orleans inferiority complex seems to get in our way.

The state of the city is? yikes? but also woke.


Hour Two: Wheel Of Mayors

Behold the results of our first “official” Hunkerdowncast Twitter Poll of the mayoral race. Behold also the debut of everybody’s new favorite segment, “Wheel Of Mayors.” Let’s spin the wheel and see who we should talk about.

Karen Carter Peterson iIs being encouraged to run by many many friends but probably not by her friend LaToya.

LaToya Cantrell was quite recently the inevitability candidate. She’s in the news all the time. Recently, she changed her mind about electing a police chief because “we are in a crisis” Also, LaToya’s father in law is a defendant in the “debtor’s prison” lawsuit.

Michael Bagneris

Has a plan to to rebuild the police force by bringin in the Expendables. Also he will help us make nuts and bolts

Desiree Charbonnet

Has money, muscle, and ministers. But what secret plan is she working on down in the basement?

Frank Scurlock

Scurlock was arrested and nobody can deal with it. Also he is tired of things that are “sinceless”.


Varg is forced to watch baseball and enjoys(?) an agonizing victory.Jeff goes on another podcast to talk about 30 year old football gamesAlli participates in a fundraising event for S.O.U.L. and plants some trees.

 Recipe Minute: 7 hour ramen

Open call to all mayoral candidates to appear on the show. Which one will be first to spin the wheel?

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We hunkered down again!