Episode 33: So Much Socialism or How The British Destroyed The World

We’re back at the Deurty Boys gallery (901 Chartres St.) in the heart of New Orleans’ World Famous French Quarter to talk to you about? Chris Rose?  Playboy Buddy Rose?  Something? Oh actually the UK General election which happened the day before we recorded this. Alli is especially fired up. Varg is maybe a little skeptical not only of socialism but of British people in general.  

 Segment One (about 45 minutes)

 Recapping the UK Elections and the political implications going forward. Is there a lesson for American politics or is everybody just fine?  Interrupted only by some bead-wearing tourists barging into the gallery after hours oh and then by Menckles who just wants to go have a drink.

 Segment 2 (about 30 minutes)

 There are secret recordings of Varg talking to himself drunk and we are going to find them. Anyway, this part is all about the most recent spike in violent crime across the city, Mitch Landrieu’s neoliberal response and Leon Cannizzaro’s quasi-fascist response to said crime. Turns out the answer is it all comes down to socialism.  Also we play an occupation-based names game. Menckles sneaks in a word or two. Cannizzaro writes to the editor in a Donald Duck voice.

 Twitter Questions (Answer key)

 British people fucked up the world

Alli has never seen The Sopranos


 Varg likes it when Jeff and/or Portland are/is miserable. Alli goes to Portland and does all the Northwest outdoorsy things. Also there were homeless people.

 Alli and Jeff see another Dean’s List Fake News Show where they learn about Candy the Chimpanzee. Jeff shouldn’t be allowed in public.

 Is Phil Collins ok? Do Bridges Ice before roads? Varg goes down the bayou to a place in Gibson called Chester’s Cypress Inn and eats frog legs three days in a row. Also there is a new tattoo to be revealed.


 Billy Nungesser gets serious

The Legislature fails again

Ronal Serpas will do? something

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We hunkered down again!

Episode 32.5 Descent into Ignatianism feat. Alexandra/Lexi

It’s a freebird kinda night in the gallery. Let us know if you’d like to be on sometime. Or just come by. People do that, apparently.

 Segment One

Jeff and Lance are kicking off Hurricane Season, talking about random esoterica.  There was a sensationalized brawl in Tigerland. There was a stabbing on a train in Portland. Varg talks about both of these incidents and  the hazards of internet discussion when overpoliced for wokeness.   Donald Trump is the You Mad, Bro? President.  We have advice for responsible Twitter use.

 We wonder if we’re “descending into Ignatianism” and take a panhandler tour of New Orleans.

Uncle Louie is in legal trouble. The legislature is almost home now.  A guy named Sherman Mack is a Jamoke. We’re talking super-nerdy prison reform stuff when our impromptu guest joins us. Her name is Alexandra and she is from California via England. We finish the segment and get re-set to do the rest of the show with her sitting in.  Oh also? we regret to inform you our friends in the Krewe of Nyx are at it again. Also, too, there is a guy named Barrow Peacock.

Segment Two

We remember that we were supposed to talk about Hurricane Season and so we do that. The problems of the seasonal forecast, figuring out when a hurricane might hit Hollywood, California, evacuation plans, floating balls of fire ants, the regular stuff. Also we play the obligatory hurricane name game trying to figure out which one will be the real bad one. (There is an obvious answer.)

Next, we talk with our guest about her experiences working at Cafe Du Monde. You can do some interesting things with powdered sugar, apparently.

In a sort-of SOSO segment, Lance takes Jeff on a date to see The Happy Talk Band at Siberia.  Also Varg goes to Pensacola for Memorial Day.  Other things happen. Jeff reads one Jivewire listing (sponsored by We Met In The Air ).


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We hunkered down again!