Episode 30: Unscripted

Hello. It is late April. How did your brackets do? Well those college sports are certainly difficult to predict. As is our show this time around when Lance and Alli have no idea what topics they might be asked to discuss. Let’s see what happens!  Oh also, it took extra long to edit and fix some of the audio problems with this episode which means that it’s late. So there are some fun predictions that turn out not to have been so hot. Keep an ear out for those too.  For the record, it turns out that Bill O’Reilly will, in fact, be “fine” with his $25 million buyout.

Segment 1

Lt. Gov Billy Nungesser has been clinging to monuments and antagonizing museum directors. We discuss and then decide to give Billy a call for follow up.

Varg wants to take down the monuments with his pickup truck.

The Legislature is in session. We talk a bit about the major issues as lawmakers try to avoid the “fiscal cliff” and do criminal justice reform. Here’s the Gambit on ways to contact your representatives.  Here also is a story about JP Morrell’s tampon and diapers tax exemption.

Segment 2

This annoying American Way Magazine article about Bywater is annoying. Also annoying, Chewbacchus people and their fake controversies. Also Chewbacchus is doing a thing that appears to rip off ‘tit Rex. Also Varg thinks Chewbacchus won’t last another 10 years.


Varg recaps Wrestlemania,  French Quarter Fest in the Square, and creates a freaking huge piece of art out of a door. Then there is an extended rant from our resident found object artist about recycling.

Alli went to see Radiohead. We get a full review of that show plus Radiohead memories from Alli’s younger days.  Also there was a “beer dinner” hosted by Treo and Wayward Owl Brewery.

Jeff and Alli saw Dean’s List’s “Fake News” show at New Movement. Jeff is also anxious about running the Crescent City Classic. (He ended up doing ok)

Alli has gotten involved in organizing a local chapter of Democratic Socialists Of America.

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We hunkered down again!

Episode 29 Part 2: Feed the (Free) Birds (Mike) Tu’ Pence a bag

So here is your bonus Freebird for this week. Jeff completes the Phil Collins at Live Aid stunt recording a show with Varg on Thursday night Uptown and then hopping on the Concorde to record Friday night in Mid City with Alli; who, like Varg,  is not his wife although they do order food together.

Speaking of which, Mike Pence is a weird mama jamma.  Alli doesn’t know Mary Poppins, apparently.  Pat participated in the Finn McCool’s St. Baldrick’s fundraiser. He went from looking like Sean Bean to looking like David Koechner in one day.    

The Saints added a Notre Dame guy. But they might add a Stanford guy so.. well…

Alli ranks her college football hate schools. Jeff tries to translate that into a worst case scenario Saints draft. Anyway, the NFL is bad.


Jeff talks about his experience at Square Root. This eventually leads to a quick rundown of “standard” New Orleans restaurants which may be over or underrated.  

Alli toured a replica Dutch clipper ship docked in the city for the week.

Speed Round:

LaToya Cantrell is running for mayor. We talk about the disconnect between issues people care about in New Orleans and issues the candidates seem to think people care about.

The mayor’s plans for Bourbon Street are coming more into focus. They are not encouraging.

And that’s it for this week. If you have tuppence to rub together be sure and invest it wisely.

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We hunkered down again!

Episode 29 Part 1: Sidney’s Serenity Prayer

This is the first part of a double feature we’re giving you this week.  We couldn’t all get together on the same day so Jeff recorded sessions with Lance and Alli separately.  This is from the  Thursday night session with Lance. He’s a tough but rewarding interview in much the way Mike Tyson is.

We kick things off with an inspirational  reading from Sidney Torres’s Facebook page. It yielded some good things. Sidney has had an interesting week.

Tom Benson has ripped off the city in a way you may not even have known about. Jason Berry’s latest story at American Zombie takes a look at that.   We discuss that and then catch up on news from the Saints’ offseason. Jeff has bad news about Manti T’eo. But Varg has what may be very good news about Manti T’eo.  Also Varg can’t say Manti T’eo.

Also, too, Varg can’t say meme.

We break down some of the mayoral candidates including Frank Scurlock, JP Morrell, Troy Carter, Leon Cannizzaro, and the possibility of Engineer Pat getting involved some day. The day after we recorded this, LaToya Cantrell made her candidacy official. Jeff and Alli get a chance to comment on this in Part 2.  

Also we learn about Varg’s crush on Stacy Head.

In other news, Varg is pumped for Wrestlemania but also a bit stressed about French Quarter Fest, Jazzfest, Fest Fest, and other sundry fests. We somehow manage to mention the Falcons blowing the Superbowl again.

We make sure to read through Sidney’s beautiful prose one more time before shutting it down.

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We hunkered down again!