Episode 17: All About Neil

Yeah so this one was recorded Tuesday, June 21. We’re exactly one week late getting it uploaded. There were problems. They’re mostly fixed now though. Thanks for sticking with us.

Segment 1 (approximately 50 minutes)

What are some annoying ASMRs? What sends you into a “sneaky hate spiral“? Do you know how to apportion blame properly for your customer service challenges? What flavor of regurgitated Doritos would be the best running mate for Donald Trump? And most importantly, what is the deal with Neil Abramson?

In this segment we explore that last question in depth paying special attention to this Tyler Bridges article as well as this one by Lamar White. We use the Neil discussion to talk about everything that went wrong during the legislative sessions this year and, basically, why the Republicans are winning at politics in Louisiana right now. We’re recording during the USA vs Argentina soccer match which the US lost very badly so the whole discussion is appropriately backed up by an atmosphere of dread. 

Speed Round:

-Mayor’s State of the City address from the roof of a Whole Foods talked about “Demographic Tsunamis” or something

-Jeff got blocked on Twitter by the Saints’ PR guy for picking on a completely dignified and certainly not at all funny photo of Tom Benson and President Bush (41)

-Mandatory cursive handwriting

Trump montage bumper via Thomas Tullis on Youtube

Segment 2 (lasts about 50 minutes)

Still talking about State of the City a bit because we have Twitter poll results to share. Also Canada has a thing called Speech From the Throne. The term WLILF is coined.

Steppin on Steppin Out (SOSO):

Madden Tournament at Deurty Boys gallery featuring our pals Ryne @rHancock19, Whit @Whitzerland, Jeremy @jrmyhbrt, and Ros @nolarr who won the big prize. Oh also Linda Hamilton was there. Mayor Landrieu and Neil Abramson were invited but did not show. Neil did come by the next day, though. It was a little weird.

Varg and Alli rip the hell out of Fellipe’s? sort of.

Jeff boiled some crabs.

Alli played bar trivia at Twelve Mile and lost. Would y’all like to do a bar trivia night, Tim en em? Maybe if we invite Neil?

Alli has been doing some sort of fancy white lady exercise thing. Somehow this leads to some heavy thoughts from all of us on diet, aging and mental health. It uh? it gets a little weird.  

Recipe Minute: Alli made a plum cake.

The Jivewire: (Sponsored by We Met In The Air Communications and Such)

Bonus content lead in to this about the NBA Finals.

And that will do it for this week. Sorry about the delay. Thanks again for listening.




We hunkered down again!

Episode 16: NFL Films Presents Budget Bowl Memories

Frivolous cold open this week. Then, it’s Episode 16! Sing with us!

Segment 1 (goes about one hour)

Some talk about beer and music which becomes kind of a shout out or at least reference to the Beer and MP3s podcast. ┬áThen we try to recap the final day of the legislative regular session with NFL FIlms background music but Jeff doesn’t quite get it right. At one point we mention being reminded this week that the health care portion of the budgetary crisis could have been avoided were it not for Bobby Jindal’s political posturing. That came up in Baton Rouge this week.

Bart Everson has an idea to ban cars from the French Quarter one day a week. We argue about that a little bit.

It’s Hurricane Season again. We talk about hurricane names and hurricane evacuations and generally our fondest hurricane memories.

Finn McCool’s (a bar that is relevant to Alli’s interests) has new owners.

Segment 2 (lasts about 30 minutes)

Help our very good friend Chef James (@AccidentalCajun) Cullen raise some money to fry chicken with. If you do, hopefully he will forgive us for picking on him a little.

Steppin on Steppin Out: Varg eats a chili cheese fry burrito at Mutz (with an umlaut). Later he goes to Big Al’s Seafood in Houma which apparently sucked. Also he saw The Lobster at the Broad Theater and filed an on site report.

Alli went to New York City for a work thing. She also went to Georgia on a non-work thing. We all have tips for playing Geoguesser.

Jeff hasn’t been out on account of a smoking cessation project. He managed to make it to Greek Fest, though.

Also there are various TV reviews in this segment.

Recipe Minute: Alli describes making a greek chicken salad. Is interrupted frequently.

The Jivewire: (Sponsored this time by We Met In The Air Communications and Such)

And that’s it. Thanks for listening. Stay tuned after the closing theme for Varg’s on the street interview and movie review with Katie Leese at the Broad Theater.



We hunkered down again!