Episode 24: Bending reality

Congratulations to us on one full year of spectacular podcasting!  We celebrate by totally botching and having to re-record a whole segment. It’s okay because it gives Alli a chance to sing more and we learn fascinating new Varg facts. Seriously, though, we appreciate the (mostly) positive reception from Tim en em. We’ll have those satin jackets ready any day now.

More than anything else, we’re proud of the way things we’ve imagined on the show seem to have come true in reality throughout the year. It’s a running theme throughout this episode and a sign that we have arrived as a podcast that matters.

Segment One: (About 32 minutes long)

We talk reconnect with episode one a bit with an update on Louisiana’s coastal master plan. (Things are still not good.)  In a somewhat related matter we spend some time talking about the Governor’s lawsuit against the oil and gas industry particularly as it relates to which Senate candidates are and are not supporting it. We follow up with a quick look at the field in the Senate race and some of the stranger ads that have been running including one where John Kennedy loves his handgun and Caroline Fayard appears to use children as human shields.

Segment Two: (About 40 minutes long)

Varg is a jerk about Mike VI and cancer patients in general. Although “Child stars or college mascots: who dies quicker?” is an intriguing topic. But really this is all about the LSU – Florida game getting postponed. So we fight about that a while too before going in to the regular college and pro football talk.  Stanford and Notre Dame is about to happen. Notre Dame’s season is in the shitter. Wait til basketball season.  The Saints/Chargers game was so ridiculous that Jeff got blocked on Twitter by another public figure. Life is weird in the Upside Down.  Varg asks if anyone thinks about pro sports teams in terms of how bad their owners are. And it turns out that yes this happens a lot.


Lance is currently reading some Louisiana true crime books. Mr. New Orleans, the ghost written memoir of  Frenchy Brouillette and Murder In The Bayou by Ethan Brown.  The latter of these is of some relevance to the current Senate election so we talk about it for a while. Then Varg has to split.  Alli participated in a pirate themed pub crawl through Mid City. Jeff attended a destination funeral. Alli mentions a benefit for Hatian hurricane victims coming up Sunday night.

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Finally another big thanks to Tim en em. It’s been a fun year. We’ll see y’all in 2017. 

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We hunkered down again!

Episode 23: In The Streets

Cold open is a debate between former Saints head coach Jim Mora and himself from twenty and thirty years ago.

There are a few spots during the show where the audio isn’t so good. Sorry about that.

Are we here to discuss Alt-Right memes? Are we here to talk about other podcasts we like? Not really. Actually we’re here to introduce some man-on-the street reports collected by Lance over the past week.  We end up talking a lot too, though.  

Segment One: (About 30 minutes long)

Our first report comes from Jackson Square artist Reggie Ford who, along with Varg, witnessed the #TakeEmDownNOLA protest there last weekend as well as a sorry counterprotest by David Duke who Lance managed to flip off.  Other points of interest. There were developments in the monuments lawsuit the day we recorded. Also “The Overton Window” After Reggie’s interview, Jeff reads a passage from Cross To Bear by John Maginnis about David Duke’s sexual exploits during the 1991 governor’s race.

Segment Two: (About 30 minutes long)

Next we have sports content. First a re-cap of the Saints-Falcons Monday Night game. Then, Lance’s bizarre Les Miles to the Saints theory.  Oh and some stuff about DaCOACHO and the state of college football coaching generally. After that, a special guest commentary from Deurty Boy Jeremy Hebert on Les Miles and his legacy.


Actually we talk a bit about the upcoming City Council hearing on short term rentals.  All three of us went to a Tweet-up at the Bayou Beer Garden.. Which turns out to be kind of a controversial venue. Also Varg slags on Mid City pretty hard. Then there’s more man on the street reporting from Alli, Lance, and Ros at the Beyonce concert somewhat drunk and contemplating Bronze Tom.  

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Finally, a note on fireworks.

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We hunkered down again!

Episode 22: Shipping

The theme this week is “shipping.”  Your favorite potential couple. Will they or won’t they?  Lance and Alli sharing a mic?  Jeff and Mark Ingram having a spat? You never know when sparks are gonna fly.  We talk about how Ingram owned Jeff on Twitter even as the two of them came sooo close to being on the exact same side of a thing.  Will they ever kiss and make up? Tune in next time.

Segment 1: (about an hour and fifteen minutes)

Varg wants to re-litigate Kaepernick. Alli just wants to sing. Also know your meme with the Harambe Explainer! And Yeti Butts. (look it up) John Bel Edwards said some dumb things on his radio show.  Is police violence increasing?  Statistics say it is?

Football talk:

LSU beat Mississippi State. This satisfied exactly zero LSU fans. LSU plays Auburn this weekend but Alli and Lance won’t watch it because they are negotiating for Beyonce tickets while recording this show.  Also there’s a fairly comprehensive look at this weekend’s college games. We joke about what might happen if LSU loses or if Notre Dame loses to Duke or if Oregon loses to Colorado. Little did we know?

The Saints are bad. Are Loomis-Payton overrated? Are they “dug in?” Or are they gone when Benson is gone? How drunk is Alli at this point in the show? (Quite) Also the SEC is being taken over by Purdue transfers and Alli doesn’t watch the Saints anymore.

Lance has a weird idea about how high school sports should work.

SOSO: (about 20 minutes)

Alli is drunk.  Jeff really wants everyone to know how drunk Alli is. Also Jeff is pretty drunk.

Alli talks about her trip to Cape Cod, her visit to the Ogden museum, and a book signing by Etgar Keret.

Varg has more adventures down the bayou. Eats at Flanagan’s in Thibodaux, attends a flood victims’ benefit show at Beck’s bar in Raceland, and then goes to Chauvin to check out an art show. Back in town for dinner at Sac-A-Lait.

Jeff chooses to spend his portion of this segment talking about the fake kale gumbo controversy. His idea is to link it to the increasingly slick phenomenon of social media astroturfing but we run out of time.

Recipe minute: Gumbo Z’herbes. Because you can put fucking kale in it if you want to.

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We hunkered down again!

Episode 21: Remember Football 2016 Like It Was Yesterday

This episode runs long because it was recorded in two very long sessions that were later mixed together. One with Alli and Jeff and the other with Varg and Jeff.  Each session consists of a Football segment and a SOSO segment. In the show they appear as two segments that jump between sessions. We’ve marked the times in these notes for your convenience.

Intro: Jeff and Lance ( Open – 18:47 )

One time in Florida somebody beheaded a goose. Thanks to TK Wharton for setting our levels for us. Jeff and Varg try to parse out some local Twitter drama neither of them understand well which leads to Varg telling a story about a time he got catfished.  Did the election make everybody on Twitter oversensitive?

Segment 1: ALL FOOTBAW  

Alli and Jeff (19:04 – 56:41)

Alli and Jeff talk about LSU’s faceplant in Wisconsin and the LSU fan overreaction. What should  a college coach even be?  What are the political and moral implications of being a football coach, player, or fan. We discuss this Deadspin piece about labor issues in college football and this amazing Spencer Hall article about the wider notions of football fandom and American citizenship.

Alli also recaps Notre Dame’s thrilling loss to Texas. Can either Notre Dame or LSU recover from their opening day losses?  What are the challenges for each the rest of the season? Can pro coaches develop college players? Or do they have “NFL AIDS” all over them? The knives are already out for Les Miles. Should they be, though?

Do the Saints have too many Stanford players on the roster?  They have two. That may be too many.  Consider, for instance, this story about Sean Payton’s relationship with Stanford coaches, players, and their families.  Do the Saints have enough Notre Dame players on the roster? They have zero.

Lance and Jeff (56:58 – 1:37:30)

Jeff and Lance pick up the Les Miles thread for a while. Is there added pressure on LSU this year to “lift the spirits” of fans after the flood? What’s the deal with Louisiana sports fans. Someone should write a book. (There are actually a lot of books about this) When will we win our oil spill championship?

Sean Payton remembers things “like it was yesterday.” The Saints are probably gonna be bad.  How bad? The guys make pointless predictions.  Also Lance describes some exotic bets.


HALFTIME SHOW: “Football For Pussy” by Wagon Train


Segment 2: SOSO

Alli and Jeff (1:42:15 – 2:03)

Alli takes a Faulknerian road trip to Memphis and does all the things there. Drinks at Madison Hotel, food and drinks and stuff at Loflin Yard, drinks again on Beale Street. You get the idea. Also something called “aerial silks” happens.  Other points of interest: Shelby Farms Park, Paula and Raiford’s Disco. On the way back through Mississippi, Square Books, the Windsor Ruins, the Ole Miss campus, and “The Grove” which is apparently bullshit.  

Jeff and Lance (2:03:20 – end)

Jeff wants to talk about the fan experience at the Superdome. Mostly, though, he just complains about beer prices and the “South Market District” gentrification nearby.  Varg GOES OFF on Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem protest.

Also Lance has been watching TundaMinous on the Cajun Nerd Media YouTube channel and closed out summer with a day drinking event called Seersucker Wednesday.

There is also a recipe minute in here somewhere.

And that’ll do it for this week. Thanks again for listening.  Sorry this thing ran so long. Thanks for bearing with our little experiment.




We hunkered down again!

Episode 20: Pork is what gets shit done

Back after yet another week off. We gotta quit meeting this infrequently.  It’s hard when everybody has stuff to do.  Varg is still busy, actually. Thankfully our good friend Valerie McGinley is here to sit in.  And hey she’s here to help us break in the Ira Wray Soundboard Presented By We Met In the Air. (IWSPBWMITA? or something.. We’re working on it) Anyway, how do we sound?

Segment 1 (approximately 50 minutes)

The Great South Louisiana Flood has dominated the news since we last recorded. Consider donating your money or time to help flood victims. We recommend a few favored charitable organizations. Second Harvest,Baton Rouge Food Bank,  Zeus’ Rescues, Animal Rescue New Orleans, Cara’s House,  Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana.

Is the proliferation of highly individualized donation streams helping, hindering, or “disrupting” recovery efforts? What are the pros and cons of the GoFundMe disaster response?

Is Louisiana so used to disaster recovery now that we might actually be learning to do it better? Do we know what to do with Federal aid money wants it starts flowing?  Do we have the political muscle necessary to start it flowing?

How are we planning to mitigate and share risk as climate change makes these types of disasters more commonplace in Louisiana and around the world? Are we focused on protecting people or profits?

Segment 2:  (lasts about 30 minutes)

While we’ve got Val, let’s talk about the Orleans Parish School Board which just approved a plan to re-incorporate those schools taken over by the Recovery School District just prior to Katrina.  Val speaks highly of Superintendent Henderson Lewis. Here is video from a recent interview with Lewis hosted by The Lens.  Other stuff that comes up:  The controversial differentiated funding plan, the role of the “new” OPSB, the state of the charter movement itself, the state of teachers’ unions in New Orleans, and, interestingly enough, the most recent Gambit poll results.


Alli is about to go on a trip up to Cape Cod. Val just got back from a trip up to Cape Cod. They talk about the joys of escaping the butt end of the New Orleans summer.  Jeff went to the Saints pre-season home opener and didn’t much care for the big video screens.  Jeff and Alli look forward to football season. Val looks forward to the Louisiana guns and ammo tax holliday.

And that’ll do it for this week. Thanks again for listening.




We hunkered down again!

Episode 19: Pass the mic

We’re back after nearly a month long layoff to bring you? severe technical difficulties.  Somehow our board got fried during the downtime so we’re recording this one huddled together around a single microphone.  Sure, it’s quaint and all, but we do still manage to find ways to talk over each other.

Segment 1 (approximately 50 minutes)

We spend some time catching up after our break. Alli made a bunch of oatmeal. Varg has a story to tell about what it’s like to poop in Austin. And that’s just one leg of a longer Cormac McCarthyesque road trip through Texas he endured.

Anyway, Austin. Is it cool? Or is it to poop on? For instance Austin seems like a city especially prone to over-commodified “AirSpace” design one might find in “Hipster Disney World.”

Jeff sat through 4 hours of people yelling at the City Planning Commission over short term rentals on Tuesday. In the discussion we reference figures on median income and affordability in the rental market published in this study. Also, building affordable housing is very difficult without planning and subsidies.  See this calculator Alli mentions.

Is the tourism industry actually making New Orleans worse off than Austin,culturally speaking? Varg: “Don’t come here. Fatalist motherfuckers live here!”

Segment 2: SOSO (lasts about 30 minutes)

Varg re-caps the Guns N Roses show at the Superdome. Also reviews Suicide Squad.

Alli went to Compare Lapin and had dinner seated adjacent to some porn actors. Also started watching Stranger Things on Netflix, and caught a comedy open mic at Twelve Mile.

Jeff went to Gautreau’s where may be found those who will be first against the wall when comes the Revolution.

The Saints kick off Thursday night.  There’s a party at Deurty Boys on Dirty Linen Night.

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And that’ll do it for this week. Thanks again for listening.




We hunkered down again!

Episode 18: A Very Special Episode

Inspired by Sebastian Bach (yes, that one) and Debbie Reynolds, we’re resolved to begin work on our off-off Broadway production Thinderella. Please contribute to our kickstarter.  What are your favorite Very Special Episodes of 80s and 90s TV? What can they teach us today?

Segment 1 (approximately one hour)

Let’s talk about the week in horrific police violence from Baton Rouge to Dallas and back again. Along the way we mention a few news items that deserve notation. One is this story about police arresting protesters peacefully standing on private property. Also BRPD’s history of unconstitutional behavior comes up with regard to enforcement of outmoded sodomy laws as well as treatment of New Orleans evacuees after Katrina.

Gun control discussion actually gets us to turn the mic over to Engineer Pat for a few seconds so he can explain a recent Supreme Court ruling on the question of banning domestic abusers from owning firearms.   What is the appropriate policy response? Alli: Fire all the cops and start over. Varg: Sue the hell out of everyone and make em all feel it in the pocketbook. Jeff: Anything but a goddamned Unity march.

Also Twitter is full of “outside agitators” including everybody in this week’s Y@ Speak as well as  Deray McKesson who spoke at Rising Tide X about these very issues.


Segment 2: Speed Round! (lasts about 15 minutes)

David Duke for Congress?

The mayor’s cousin Kenneth has a badge (sort of)

Another Hollywood South scandal involving the Saints

Irvin Mayfield

Steppin on Steppin Out (SOSO):

Alli went to the mall and got yelled at for no justifiable reason.

Varg went to a Chris Isaak concert. Deurty Boys were #OpenforEssence

Jeff went out to eat or something. It doesn’t matter because Jeff and Varg have a plan to destroy Uptown now.   

Recipe Minute: Alli made some noodles.

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And that’ll do it for this week. Thanks again for listening.




We hunkered down again!

Episode 17: All About Neil

Yeah so this one was recorded Tuesday, June 21. We’re exactly one week late getting it uploaded. There were problems. They’re mostly fixed now though. Thanks for sticking with us.

Segment 1 (approximately 50 minutes)

What are some annoying ASMRs? What sends you into a “sneaky hate spiral“? Do you know how to apportion blame properly for your customer service challenges? What flavor of regurgitated Doritos would be the best running mate for Donald Trump? And most importantly, what is the deal with Neil Abramson?

In this segment we explore that last question in depth paying special attention to this Tyler Bridges article as well as this one by Lamar White. We use the Neil discussion to talk about everything that went wrong during the legislative sessions this year and, basically, why the Republicans are winning at politics in Louisiana right now. We’re recording during the USA vs Argentina soccer match which the US lost very badly so the whole discussion is appropriately backed up by an atmosphere of dread. 

Speed Round:

-Mayor’s State of the City address from the roof of a Whole Foods talked about “Demographic Tsunamis” or something

-Jeff got blocked on Twitter by the Saints’ PR guy for picking on a completely dignified and certainly not at all funny photo of Tom Benson and President Bush (41)

-Mandatory cursive handwriting

Trump montage bumper via Thomas Tullis on Youtube

Segment 2 (lasts about 50 minutes)

Still talking about State of the City a bit because we have Twitter poll results to share. Also Canada has a thing called Speech From the Throne. The term WLILF is coined.

Steppin on Steppin Out (SOSO):

Madden Tournament at Deurty Boys gallery featuring our pals Ryne @rHancock19, Whit @Whitzerland, Jeremy @jrmyhbrt, and Ros @nolarr who won the big prize. Oh also Linda Hamilton was there. Mayor Landrieu and Neil Abramson were invited but did not show. Neil did come by the next day, though. It was a little weird.

Varg and Alli rip the hell out of Fellipe’s? sort of.

Jeff boiled some crabs.

Alli played bar trivia at Twelve Mile and lost. Would y’all like to do a bar trivia night, Tim en em? Maybe if we invite Neil?

Alli has been doing some sort of fancy white lady exercise thing. Somehow this leads to some heavy thoughts from all of us on diet, aging and mental health. It uh? it gets a little weird.  

Recipe Minute: Alli made a plum cake.

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Bonus content lead in to this about the NBA Finals.

And that will do it for this week. Sorry about the delay. Thanks again for listening.




We hunkered down again!

Episode 16: NFL Films Presents Budget Bowl Memories

Frivolous cold open this week. Then, it’s Episode 16! Sing with us!

Segment 1 (goes about one hour)

Some talk about beer and music which becomes kind of a shout out or at least reference to the Beer and MP3s podcast. ┬áThen we try to recap the final day of the legislative regular session with NFL FIlms background music but Jeff doesn’t quite get it right. At one point we mention being reminded this week that the health care portion of the budgetary crisis could have been avoided were it not for Bobby Jindal’s political posturing. That came up in Baton Rouge this week.

Bart Everson has an idea to ban cars from the French Quarter one day a week. We argue about that a little bit.

It’s Hurricane Season again. We talk about hurricane names and hurricane evacuations and generally our fondest hurricane memories.

Finn McCool’s (a bar that is relevant to Alli’s interests) has new owners.

Segment 2 (lasts about 30 minutes)

Help our very good friend Chef James (@AccidentalCajun) Cullen raise some money to fry chicken with. If you do, hopefully he will forgive us for picking on him a little.

Steppin on Steppin Out: Varg eats a chili cheese fry burrito at Mutz (with an umlaut). Later he goes to Big Al’s Seafood in Houma which apparently sucked. Also he saw The Lobster at the Broad Theater and filed an on site report.

Alli went to New York City for a work thing. She also went to Georgia on a non-work thing. We all have tips for playing Geoguesser.

Jeff hasn’t been out on account of a smoking cessation project. He managed to make it to Greek Fest, though.

Also there are various TV reviews in this segment.

Recipe Minute: Alli describes making a greek chicken salad. Is interrupted frequently.

The Jivewire: (Sponsored this time by We Met In The Air Communications and Such)

And that’s it. Thanks for listening. Stay tuned after the closing theme for Varg’s on the street interview and movie review with Katie Leese at the Broad Theater.



We hunkered down again!

Episode 15 (basically): We got us a CVS and a Poshtel

Alli isn’t here but we’re not calling this a “Freebird” episode because Karen Gadbois is sitting in for her “Badstreet” style.  We set out to at least try and fit this week’s topics in under an hour. We failed to do that.

Segment 1

An attempt to organize a union at Lusher Charter School failed last week. We talk to Karen about the Lusher vote and the Lens’s experience trying to cover charter schools. Charters often don’t think of themselves as public entities subject to open meetings laws.   At one point we mention this Five Thirty Eight article about the importance of the teaching profession for the city’s black middle class.  Later in the week, International High successfully unionized its faculty.

Ken Havard is a fat guy who wants to regulate the weights of strippers… because “political correctness”.. sort of. Ken Havard is a doughy guy. Also we can make his argument better than he can.

Sidney Torres for mayor? The new Torres-inspired TV show is coming out next year.

Bayou Boogaloo Fence: Varg’s theory is the fence was about restricting access to Ideal Market.  Boogaloo is “Mid-Summer Endymion” We get a little carried away knocking the Boogaloo and Mid City in general. We’re (kind of) sorry about that.

Why do we always celebrate when somebody opens a CVS? Especially when this Wall Street Journal article congratulates us for not shopping at Rite Aid.

City Council approved the Bywater “Poshtel” which may or may not be a “hook up hotel” with its own app. Is there a “constant drumbeat” to push more tourists into neighborhoods? What does this mean for our neighborhood peacocks?

Thanks to the Mayor for personally rescuing the HogsHeadJesus Studio from a potential sinkhole.

Thanks to the NFL for not putting another SuperBowl in New Orleans for a while.

And thanks to Karen for sitting in with us.

Segment 2

Twitter questions: The Lens maps. Open invitation to the Governor to come on the show. Favorite snoball place?

SOSO: Jeff didn’t leave the house. Lance went out to Doris Metropolitan and to Bayou Beer Garden. 

The Jivewire: As always, brought to you by Magnolia Builders.

Thanks again for listening.




We hunkered down again!